Water Tanks, Wet Areas and Swimming Pools

    Water Tanks & Swimming Pools:

    When constructing a new water tank or swimming pool, it is possible to apply the waterproofing system to the internal (negative) or external (positive) side of the wall. In many cases, combined systems are specified to provide enhanced protection.
    Our clients can avail from us water tanks & swimming pools waterproofing services. These services help in enhancing the life of the water tanks/swimming pools by avoiding water from damaging the walls. Our skilled workers perform two chemical coat systems with fiber mesh on the tanks/swimming pools. The coating done is highly insoluble in the water. These services are accomplished in less time period and come with a warranty of Five years.

    Recommended used materials:-
    * Cementatious Coating
    * Crystalline Coating
    * Epoxy Polysulfide Coating
    * Epoxy Resin Coating
    * Polyurethane Liquid Coating

    Wet Area Waterproofing:

    An area within a building supplied with a floor waste, and the advantage of the waterproofing systems are to prevent moisture entering the substrate or adjacent areas and graded to floor wastes to dispose of water without ponding.
    Alack of waterproofing maintenance leads to:
    1. Unnecessary and often extensive repairs
    2. The costly replacement of waterproofing
    3. The deterioration of properties
    4. Possible structural damage
    5. The frustration / the “nuisance” value
    6. Damage to internal property (valued paintings, carpets, wooden flooring etc.)
    7. Insurance companies unwilling to cover claims (as said to be preventative maintenance)

    Recommended used materials:-
    • Cementations Coating
    • Acrylic Coating
    • Polyurethane Liquid Coating
    • Liquid Membrane Coating