Injection System

    Injection Waterproofing

    Stop Those Basement Leaks
    Are you tired of those leaky cracks in your basement walls? Now there is a way to stop them forever and assure your basement waterproofing with a two part polyurethane foam process that fills the crack all the way through the entire width of your foundation, keeping your basement dry and usable.

    Polyurethane foam injections is the most efficient and cost effective way of stopping the leaks in your basement walls and waterproofing your lower level, making it dry and usable.

    Applications and Use:
    Scope: To repair, protect, seal, structurally strengthen man made architectural and natural structures.
    Systems: Solutions for high strength repairs, cosmetic repairs, earthquake damages, flood damages, protection, waterproofing and sealing.

    Concrete cracks, voids, spilling, structure leaks and surfaces in commercial and residential structures including tunnels, bridges, dams, foundations, parking, underwater structures, decks, floors, pools, basements, foundations and much more. Surface protection and repairs, solutions for soil and rock stabilization & waterproofing.